Our mission

At Maison L’Étincelle, our priority is to preserve the quality of life and independence of residents. To do so, we recognize their individual needs and do everything we can to meet them creatively. In collaboration with loved ones and the care team, we value the use of identity markers, for example, by promoting personalized room decor and the continued pursuit of activities people enjoy. We offer assistance that is adapted to people’s abilities to foster their continued independence. Since we believe that the present moment is the most important of all, we allow whatever time is needed for residents to take part in activities that are meaningful to them, so that they live in a peaceful atmosphere, where happiness is at the heart of it all.

Our principles in fulfilling our mission

  1. Family involvement. We encourage families to be present and to take part in the day-to-day activities of seniors’ lives. We see families as a wonderful ally in meeting residents’ emotional needs and seeing them happy.
  2. Room personalization. When entering residents’ rooms, you can quickly pick up on their interests and passions. We suggest bringing in certain pieces of furniture and personal belongings.
  3. Individual pace. Work is organized around people’s pace, not the task at hand. For example, we abide by residents’ sleep patterns, and breakfast will be available when they wake.
  4. Desegregated tasks. Freed of hierarchy and silos, all members of the specialized team may meet the needs residents express.

What sets us apart

  • Ratio. We increased the ratio of personnel so that its members have time to meet residents’ needs promptly and optimally. This availability will also help workers build and develop relationships with seniors and their loved ones.
  • Training. Members of our personnel are selected for both their technical proficiency and people skills. They have been trained by CVEQ (Centre d’excellence en vieillissement de Québec).
  • Environment. The living environment has been transformed in accordance with the highest international standards, based on recent research into Alzheimer’s disease. The development of the training program and the foundation of Maison L’Étincelle received the support of university professor and researcher Philippe Voyer (www.PhilippeVoyer.org).

Maison L’Étincelle is a small private assisted-living residence designed for seniors who suffer from memory impairment. Located at 3501 Ethel Street in Verdun, it can house 10 people in single rooms. Maison L’Étincelle hopes to welcome people with memory disorders (Alzheimer’s disease and other major neurocognitive impairments), whether or not they manifest compromised needs, whether through wandering, verbal agitation, resistance to care, and so on. We are located inside Ressource Notre-Dame-de-la-Paix, which provides seniors with assisted-living care.

Prior to moving in, each resident is assessed using the functional autonomy measurement system (SMAF), a proven, impartial method recognized by the medical community. We also want to ensure that the new resident will fit in well with other residents. The terms of the lease schedule are then determined based on this assessment.

Our coordinates


3501 Ethel Street
Montreal, QC H4G 1R9


1 (514) 788-7249

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